Sunday, August 1, 2010

Topic No. 3 It's A'right...Really!

As I sat back and watched the play by plays for this tour , I have seen a constant trend when it comes to the song Who Say’s You Can’t Go Home.  It is I believe according to the moan and groan tweets ,the most hated song Bon Jovi does and I can’t  figure out why?  Is it because it has a country tone to it ? Is it because its been played every night since the tour began? Please tell me why? I have seen it live and I think its a very energetic song, The crowd seems to enjoy it . So please tell me why some of you hate this song ? What is it about this song that grates on your nerves ?
I believe and I could be wrong for why it gets played every night , for two reasons The boys really love this song and two  they won a Grammy for it . It’s the same reason we hear Bad Name , Born To Be My Baby and Bad Medicine every night , it was their biggest hits so therefore they are going to play it.
If I’m wrong , let me know , Because I have tried to rack my brain and still haven’t come up with why its so despised . Is it the countless a’rights Jon’ has us do through out the song? Please give me the scoop. Don’t hold back either inquiring minds want to know.

In The Name Of Jovi,
The Queen Of New Orleans


  1. I have to snicker about this post because , while I do the pbp's for Jovination on Twitter I wondered the same thing, sometimes I almost have tweeted the song that everybody hates just because everytime it shows up , I see a multitude of tweets oh no not again , please get rid of this song @BonJovi.

    I happen to be the one of a select few that does like the song "Don't shoot me ' for it lol

  2. you want to know why we can't hear "Who says" anymore? it is the 3rd tour that this song is constantly in the setlists and I think, it is enough. It was the same with Shout during Bad Medicine - every show for years it is too much. Me and a lot of friends were so happy that Jon was singing different songs this tour with Bad Medicine. and when he would skip Who Says for a while, we would be not happy, but we could accept it, when that song would come back to the setlist from time to time.
    They have so many great songs, they could could have play at the O2 every night a complete different setlist. So why always the same songs?

  3. when they should stop playing WSYCGH because of that then they should also stop playing LOAP, WDOA,YGLABN or BTBMY
    Geez, check the setlists of all the other tours. They have always been pretty much the same.
    You just didn't notice that back then because you diodn't have the internet wher eyou could find the setlists of each show within minutes after the shows.

  4. I pretty much agree with SamboraRocks. WSYCGH is a hit the caliber of LOAP, Bad Name, Bad Medicine, Dead or Alive, etc., and is a fixture in the setlists. Because some fans might not like it as much as the older ones, get over it and go to the rest room or get a beer during the song. As discussed in the previous post, they will never please everyone with the setlists and if they could play just what they felt like playing or just what you or I wanted to hear, there would be a lot of unhappy fans in the audience and that is not the goal for a band at the top of their game for 27 years. It kind of makes me laugh though for the people that went to all 12 shows at the O2 - did they REALLY think the setlists were all going to be completely different? The band has to do what they have to do, if you don't want to hear the same songs, go to less shows. I do have to say with regard to WSYCGH though - and I do like the song...enough with the "alrights" at the end - just a few less, please Jon! But if that's not his choice, my lip is now zipped.