Sunday, August 1, 2010

Topic No. 3 It's A'right...Really!

As I sat back and watched the play by plays for this tour , I have seen a constant trend when it comes to the song Who Say’s You Can’t Go Home.  It is I believe according to the moan and groan tweets ,the most hated song Bon Jovi does and I can’t  figure out why?  Is it because it has a country tone to it ? Is it because its been played every night since the tour began? Please tell me why? I have seen it live and I think its a very energetic song, The crowd seems to enjoy it . So please tell me why some of you hate this song ? What is it about this song that grates on your nerves ?
I believe and I could be wrong for why it gets played every night , for two reasons The boys really love this song and two  they won a Grammy for it . It’s the same reason we hear Bad Name , Born To Be My Baby and Bad Medicine every night , it was their biggest hits so therefore they are going to play it.
If I’m wrong , let me know , Because I have tried to rack my brain and still haven’t come up with why its so despised . Is it the countless a’rights Jon’ has us do through out the song? Please give me the scoop. Don’t hold back either inquiring minds want to know.

In The Name Of Jovi,
The Queen Of New Orleans

Topic No. 2 Ticket Prices and "The Circle"

Hello, and welcome to the meager few who are now following. Your readership is appreciated!

I really wanted this entry to be two entries but I can not discuss "The Circle" seating without mentioning the ticket prices so, here goes.

Have you ever felt like an outcast? Like you're not good enough to be with the cool people? I'm sure you have, everyone has and it's not really a good feeling is it?

Now, imagine this. Your favorite band in the world is coming to town and you have just enough hard earned cash left over after paying your bills to buy a normal priced ticket for the concert...

Excitedly you log onto ticket master, or call, or however it is you purchase your tickets these days. You hope for a decent seat, you recall the days when all the tickets cost the same and it was simply the luck of the draw. Maybe your meager savings can get you a decent seat this time?

WHAT? WHAT IS THIS? Circle Side Seating. You check out the fancy new seating chart and your eyes light up like a christmas tree! Oh my what an experience that would be, inside or around the circle! What a treat!  You hurriedly type in your info to find out what seats you can get and... SLAM! CRASH BOOM!
--you see the prices.

Ok, now I understand that times are hard and everyone, even the already rich and famous gotta make a living and cover their costs but seriously? The prices asked for those "prime" seats are fucking ridiculous! It's like the band is saying; If you aren't rich and can't dish out the cash then you have no business being near us. If you're poor you just sit in the back and watch the beautiful people mingle and wish you were here.

It really is a slap in the face, especially from a band who sings so enthusiastically about Working For The Working Man. How the hell can you claim to be all about the little man then pull a stunt like this? I know I'm not the only fan who feels this way.

Why can't the circle side seating be the same price as the rest of the floor seats? Hell, even floor seats these days are upwards of 100 dollars, sometimes even 200. Isn't that enough? Make them normal price and do the old lottery system. Or why not make circle side seating prizes for fans? Have contests and give aways open to everyone (not just fan club members--That's a whole other article subject in itself but more on that later.)

I guess what i'm saying @bonjovi is this: Your fans should not be made to feel inferior simply because they are not well to do and with the current set up of this tour, that is exactly what is happening. I know it's too late to change it now, but in the future PLEASE I beg you, for the sake of the little people, the true "working man" (or woman) Who tries hard to make ends meet and just once in a while would like to have a special experience at one of your shows just to let go of all the stress of the daily grind and worries, think about your set up and prices, really think. Remember what it was like to struggle and just need an outlet.

That is all
In The Name Of Jovi,
The Beauty Queen From Mars