Friday, July 30, 2010

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Topic no.1 "Vanilla" Set Lists

My colleagues and I spend a fair amount of time on social networking sites such as Facebook/Twitter/Myspace possibly a few others and we see so much controversy concerning "Vanilla" set lists.

Some fans bitch and moan about the lack of diversity in the set lists and I have to wonder why?

Do you not realize that there are certain songs that the band MUST play? Not every fan in the audience is a die hard who can name every single song ever done whether a b-side, a cover or simply a bootlegged jam session. Actually, most of the people in the audience on a given night know only those songs made popular by repeated airplay. So, with the band playing to a different crowd every night, chances are that 80% of the set lists are going to be exactly the same.

I think the problem is, for those bitching and moaning, the fact that they buy tickets to many many shows, some of which are back to back. You really need to stop your complaining. The reason Bon Jovi is still around and still successful is because Jon and company have perfected the art of pleasing, or being relevant to a very very broad range of people. Do you think they could be as successful as they are right now if they only focused on pleasing a minute percentage of the people who listen to their music?

Look, the guys know what they are doing with the setlists. They know when to pull out a rarity and when the crowd wants the good old rock anthems that made them famous so please, quit complaining! It makes the die-hards sound like a bunch of ungrateful little high schoolers.

Thoughts? Comments? We welcome them, even if they disagree whole heartedly with what we've posted.

In the name of Jovi,
The Beauty Queen From Mars

A quick Hello.

Hello, and welcome to Say It Isn't So.

This is not your run of the mill Bon Jovi fan blog. No, I'm sorry but if that is what you are looking for, I suggest you move on quickly.

This blog will delve, deep, deeper into the chaos of fandom and question it. Not only question it but really make you think. You will think about your values, your loyalty and in the end, probably your sanity.

We will look into the reactions of the fans to each and every little thing the band does, reveal the hypocrisy and petty bitterness that most people either ignore or just don't see.

What do we want to accomplish you ask? We want you to take a good long look in the mirror, a good long look at the five boys from Jersey. Take them and yourselves of the pedastal and get a good firm grip on reality.

Alas, we've said too much, and yet, not enough. It is too complicated to explain in just one post what this blog is really about. But, I promise, if you stick around, take time to read with an open mind, you just might learn something. And so might we.

In the name of Jovi,
The Beauty Queen From Mars